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Pour vivre une belle expérience de pêche au doré... contactez votre guide de pêche Marc Thorpe!

Venez vivre une formidable journée de pêche au doré sur le lac Saint-Pierre ou le lac St-Louis, deux lacs qui sont un élargissement du majestueux Fleuve St-Laurent.

Marc Thorpe, guide de pêche ayant plus de 30 ans d’expérience, s’engage à vous faire découvrir toute la splendeur de ce patrimoine naturel unique et des plus poissonneux de la région.

Tout l'équipement est fournis !

Vous aurez la possibilité de capturer les espèces de poisson telles que le doré jaune et le doré noir. D'autres belles surprises vous attendent.

Espèces ciblées

  • Maskinongé
  • Doré jaune
  • Doré noir

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Marc Thorpe

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Dorés jaunes et noirs

Lac Saint-Pierre, Lac Saint-Louis
et Fleuve Saint-Laurent

112,50$ par personne par jour
1 à 4 personnes
450$ minimum



Rivière des Outaouais et Fleuve Saint-Laurent

300$ par personne par jour
1 à 2 personnes
600$ minimum

Déroulement d'une expédition

Services fournis:

Guide, bateau et essence, cannes à pêche, leurres, fil, appâts et vestes de flottaison

Horaire des excursions (début et fin):

À déterminer directement avec le guide après votre réservation.

À prévoir

  • Permis de pêche provinciale
  • Lunch et breuvages
  • Imperméable
  • Casquette
  • Lunettes de soleil
  • Crème solaire


Musky Fishing at Elite Level! I’ve been blessed to fish many of the legendary musky waters , often with Hall of Fame anglers. No other experience comes close to my yearly trips to the Ottawa. Certainly not the wilderness experience of Long Legged Lake or a party place like LSC or Eagle. I’m at the stage of life where fishing trophy waters , where the fish actually bite, trumps scenery. Always find the apartment comfortable and equipped functionally. Food selection should suit anyone. True the stairway is steep! I’m old with one good arm and one good leg. I manage it just fine. Anyone reading this that decides to fish with Marc go with an open mind. Be prepared to see first hand so much what you learned ready musky magazines is myth. Oh! And in the cradle water shots are the best thing ever.

I’ve been fishing with Marc once a year since 2006. I’ve been there for the casting bite and later in the fall for the trolling bite. Marc has always been able to put me on fish no matter the time of year and weather. In October 2014 he put me on a once in a lifetime fish 58” while trolling. In my opinion there’s no better place in the world to have a shot at a fish like that. Look at his record, he catches fish like that every season. He’s great to spend a day in the boat with as well. I’ve also caught several low 50s and plenty of other fish. If you like to catch muskies he’ll put you on them and have a real opportunity for a true giant.

I have fished with several guides and have booked Marc several times over the last ten years. I have picked up more knowledge from Marc that i could put to use immediately in my own fishing endeavors.Over the span of our trips i have learned much about the Biology of the muskellunge and Marc simply gets you on the fish. Over the years my fishing partner Brian and i have caught several fish over 50 inches up to 58 out of Marcs boat. No other place in the world can you experience fishing like this in my mind. Also no other fishing experience is this big of a value for what it costs. Marc takes care of the fish like no other guide i have fished with, which is a good attribute to see from a guy that is fishing day in and day out. We have plenty of laughs and the days just fly by. You must experience this at least once!

If you want to catch big Muskies, I would highly recommend Marc Thorpe. Don’t think it’s going to be a pick nick; he will motivate you by any means possible to ensure you keep casting. But the big fish he puts you on are well worth it and the arm and shoulder pain will go away sooner or later. I’ve booked more than my share of guides throughout the years and nobody has ever come close to the work ethic Marc has to get his clients on big fish. I caught my personal best on one of my excursions with Marc (A real Fat 55.5 incher). Thank you for the memories Marc

Marc is a fantastic guide. He is attentive, provides great instruction, takes care of his clients, and knows his fishery (and muskies) inside and out. He is also lucky to be near two of the greatest musky waters in the world, so he has access to an incredible fishery. Frankly there is simply no need to travel out west if you live in the northeast. Over the years my fishing partners and I have caught many muskies with him, including quite a few between 48 and 55 inches. Marc can't predict the weather or water conditions, but if the fishing is tough, he sticks with it and puts in extra time for you. You have a lot of fun, learn a lot and catch big fish. Also, Marc's rates are really good when you consider his expenses (boat, gas) and that you get all your meals and lodging included.